SQL Scripts

Please make sure you do a "Destroy Merge" after you run a scenario.

Download the following SQL Scripts:


  • You have 2 developers that want to make change to the system. Try the following files in the simulator to see what would happen. Remember that order the files are executed in is important.

  • A developer tries to select more SSN's at one time than the audit table amount allows. How will SQL Simulator react?

  • A developer submits a SQL that is only supposed to delete 1 record. Try doing a Preview and a Postview merge to see the difference in how SQL Simulator reacts.

  • A developer submits a update SQL. Try doing a Preview and a Postview merge.

  • A developer submits an insert SQL. You have a sneaky suspicion that he did not test his code and if you ran this in production you would get a unique key constraint error. Try doing a dry run to see what would happen.

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