• SQL Simulator is a Kubernetes app that leverages SQL scripts to generate subsetted databases within a secure sandbox environment. There's no need to rewrite SQL statements for testing purposes. The tool automatically constructs and populates tables, including those with foreign keys, based on common SQL commands such as insert, update, delete, create table, and select.

  • The most notable feature of SQL Simulator is its self-destruct mechanism. Any databases created by the tool will automatically destroy themselves after 15 minutes of inactivity, enhancing security and resource management.

  • SQL Simulator incorporates a data governor to regulate data access. This governor imposes restrictions on the number of keys retrievable from tables, both in terms of daily limits and per-request quotas. For instance, users can specify limits such as allowing only one Social Security Number (SSN) to be retrieved across all tables within a database. This ensures data usage compliance and prevents the potential for a massive data breach if you are hacked.

  • An additional feature of Data Governance is called “Celebrity Data”. If you mark any key field in your database as being Celebrity Data, this record will need additional approval from management before a user can access it.

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