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Azure Install Guide

  • Install Azure CLI
  • Install Kubectl
  • Setup AKS cluster
  • Create the pod via the Azure Store
  • When you created the pod you gave the pod a name. Please replace "pod_name_here" with the name of your pod and execute this from the command prompt. Please remember you must go to the control panel and initialize the pod within 60 seconds or the pod will self destruct.
kubectl port-forward pod_name_here 8080:80 1344:1433
  • Open a browser and go to the following URL
  • Type in the user name and password the click "Initialize". This is the User Name and Password you will use to connect to the database
  • Connect to the database with your favorite tool. You will need to use the following string for the server name.,1344
If you have any problems you can email us at [email protected]