About SQL Simulator

Why did I create SQL Simulator

There were a couple of reasons as to why I originally created SQL Simulator.

  1. To test Database Change Requests

  2. Make it easy to retest data multiple times

After developing the initial version of the tool, I discussed it with several people. The feedback indicated concerns about its security. Although they didn't explicitly say so, I suspect people were uneasy about using software that interacts with their database from some random dude they just met at a networking event.

My next thought was how can I gain people's trust? So I decided to join the Microsoft Accelerator program, Because I felt that people would trust my software do to the association with them. One of the mentors in the program said that they really liked the concept of what it did and asked if I could make it run in containers. This way it would be available through their App store and people would be more likely to trust what's in the app store.

So I agreed to do that. It took a few months and trying to get it past their security process was a nightmare. A couple of months after I got the app published in the Microsoft store, I had a meeting with a former CISO about SQL Simulator. He mentioned that his biggest challenge as a CISO was developers making copies of production data and taking it home with them?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? This revelation stunned me, as I had never heard of such a practice before.

He asked if I had a way to prevent this. I told him no, because once you give someone access to a database you can't stop them from doing whatever they want with the data.

So about a month after this conversation I was on my way to a networking event when I had an epiphany. Since my app works with Kubernetes and builds subsetted databases, I realized I could limit how many primary keys someone could have access to. While I can't stop them from taking 100% of the data home, I could stop 99.9% of it. So that is a short story on how I came up with the product that you see today.

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